Redefine your definition of imports!



import is just that, something that is imported to your country from another.
is a toyota supra an import no, is a 350z an import i think not, is an opel astra an import to my knowledge it is.

im making this topic because after reading the thread about jap cars and euro cars being "gay" i have seen the term import thrown around more times than i want to count. the reason that cars like nissans, hondas etc. are not imports is because they all have plants and divisions in the united states where american workers are assembling them the same americans that build fords and chevys. when you think about it a dodge is as much of an import as a nissan because dodge is owned by germen car company daimler chrysler which is european.

im not saying that cars aren't imported from other countries but when you break it down when you buy a dodge or nissan a small fraction will find its way out of the country but a lot will end up in the pockets of american workers that built them.


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Feb 21, 2004
Yeah, today it's just the company's original home that is really concrete. Most toyotas and hondas are more American than chevy's and chryslers today..............Foreign companies get more incentives to operate here than domestic ones, so they can actually afford to employ people here. It sucks, but that's our government for you. :rolleyes: