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This post will be unlike any other that you have read on this site, I assure you. A lot of you start these lame posts about your favorite band just to show exactly how die-hard you are or how ignorant I am for not knowing how bad ass your band is. Well here's my die-hard post and it’s justified in every way.

Over time I have either played around in Tool’s music or enjoyed it as a whole or tried to dissect it into these incomprehensible pieces that are hard to put back together. Either way, the music spoke to me at some point and I knew there was something there. I’m not much for lyrics, but I am a drummer and as a growing drummer I usually manage to accidentally drown out lyrics so I can sound cool when I talk about how bad ass a drummer is. Well this time, I’m no where near cool and my understanding of anything is less than I am about to play it off, but entertain this post for 5 minutes.

Tool had a plan in the genius that went into their music from day one and I just came upon the realization after about 10 years of listening and not hearing. Tool has 4 present studio releases in which they challenge the listener to think for him or herself. Not to say that most bands don’t have a plan going in to designing art (Pink Floyd,Yes,Rush,The Mars Volta,etc.) but I think a lot of times the idea isn't thought though to the point where your planning to challenge and entertain a listener for years and in a specific order and manner. Lots of bands now are throwing out advice and telling you what to do with yourself, but never really tackling an issue. Well with Tool the issue is you being a slave to yourself. In album 1 of 4, they deal directly with curiosities about idealism, Christ, your parents, freedom of speech, re-discovering spirituality and so on. When you open you mind to be affected by the stimuli here, you basically have used a "tool" to tear down any of the unfair chance you had at leading a life you decide on.

Their second studio release (a bit more hardcore and questionable to people with "morals") is challenging, because it makes you deal directly with things you may have shoved in the back of that big ass closet in your brain. Nuff said on that! You’re just going to have to search that one out for yourself. So at this point your torn down spiritually and have no idea where to go if Jesus/God isn’t who you thought he was.

Aenima is very intelligent compared to the rest of the discussed albums, but in no way out does them! This album just affirms that things around us are question as Americans. It makes you wonder what it is you have conformed too and who/what you are choosing to listen too.

Lastly, Lateralus, I feel is a rebuilding or a restructuring of spirituality in a more pure form, so that by now you have looked at the facts, which is truly no facts and made a decision for yourself that things aren't the way they may seem. Just like Buddhism, Tool is asking you too laugh at how silly it is to be non-dynamic with your beliefs and not to listen to just them, because they have no idea what they are talking about either. You have to THINK FOR YOURELF AND QUESTION AUTHORITY if you want to have a chance in this world and what it has to offer after your physical body has snatched itself from your grasp. All you metal heads can say what you want about how not hard or non-technical Tool is, but I believe that you are in question for believing the way you do, but offer you the freedom to continue your narrow mindedness.

From start to finish, Tool has done a incredible job of being what all band wish they could be, which is why some of you wont let your guard down, but if you start at the beginning and really put yourself in a vulnerable position to be detached from your previous teaching, I think you find yourself living a different life with much more freedom. Live for you and not Tool or anyone else. Find spirituality in its richest form and drink, for ignorance is not bliss.

-The Colored Kid :insane:
Jul 14, 2004
Nobody thinks this guy is obviously overanalyzing?

They used a track from one of their answering machines, I don't really think they're as serious as you would like.


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Feb 27, 2005
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MGselwonK said:
Nobody thinks this guy is obviously overanalyzing?

They used a track from one of their answering machines, I don't really think they're as serious as you would like.
Do you know the meaning behind that track? There's another track called "Die Eier Von Satan", the two tracks are supposed to be compared. In "Message to Harry Manback", there is beautiful music being played in the background. If you were just listening to it, you may think it's an innocent little soft ballad, but the meaning behind the words is very hostile and threatening. In "Die Eier Von Satan", there's crazy and almost evil sounds being played along with a guy who's shouting something in German, and you hear a crowd cheering, making you think it's an evil song about death or Nazi's. However, the song is merely a recipe for some pot brownies, nothing evil or threatening in any way. They are trying to make you look deeper for meaning than just analyzing what you hear.