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Some bands I have just got into....

Discussion in 'Music' started by BigMattTheHobo, May 3, 2004.

  1. BigMattTheHobo

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    One of my lax coaches was talking about how he has massive amounts of Grateful Dead music. This got me interested, and I know that they allow free downloading of their shows.

    I found a website http://web1.nugs.net/stash.asp?cmd=dl&artist=-1 that allows you to d/l live shows from various artists. I have found some new (to me), great music.

    I particularly love:

    Grateful Dead ( Amazing music)
    Dave Matthews & Friends ( I have been into DMB, but never knew they were this good live)
    Jack Johnson ( I highly reccommend this guy)
    Phil Lesh & Friends

    This site has assloads of quality, live music from great bands with great talent. I can't get enough of these guys. I think they are considered jam bands, and I just want to go to a live show now and watch all these kinds of bands and just chill and listen to music.



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  2. droogsteve

    droogsteve Back from the dead

    Mar 24, 2003
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    I've been a Deadhead since I was a kid. I lost count of how many shows that I've been to. It's good to see someone a little younger who appreciates them.

    It's just a shame that you'll never be able to see Jerry live. He was amazing. But Phil, Bob and the rest of the guys are touring this summer under the name "The Dead". I guess they're not grateful anymore ;). They're doing all their great old stuff, you should check them out. Ticketmaster.com has all the dates. I'm seeing them August 14 at Jones Beach on Long Island. Can't wait.
  3. BigMattTheHobo

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    I would love to see them. I read on a website they no longer go under the name Grateful Dead because Jerry died.

    I've never been to a concert, I think that might be a cool first one though.
  4. oopyman

    oopyman Guest

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    I too like The Grateful Dead (though they piss me off if I'm not in a good mood). I don't have any of their CDs, but I have a 25 dollar store credit at Tower and I'm thinking about buying one of their CDs. Droog, which one do you reccomend?
  5. whataloser

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    The website you posted about is awsome. The Dave, Phish, and Oar shows are pretty cool. I havent heard to much of Grateful dead
  6. badmoon349

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    Listen to The String Cheese Incident, Widespread Panic, and The Big Brother and Holding Company. If you like those bands you may like these.
  7. BigMattTheHobo

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    I have shows from the first two mentioned, me likey. Not as much as The Dead, Phish or Jack Johnson though.
  8. ipathrasta22

    ipathrasta22 The Legend

    May 8, 2004
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    the suicide machines, operation ivy, and a whole bunch of local bands..also ive been listenin to a little children of bodom
  9. imperialturkeyb

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    if you like jam bands try some Garage A Trois

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