Some bullshit about breastfeeding..



Breastfeeding Is Child Abuse
by Dr. Erik Von Krammer PhD

(Translation from the original German to the English langauge. June, 2003.)

Is Breastfeeding Harmful?

It has been noted in the scientific community that breastfeeding is natural and healthy to the mother and child, for they say it's creates a bond between the two.

Upon closer investigation into these so called "facts" it is found to be fraudulent findings the "mainstream" science community panders out to the media and doctors.

My findings show that breastfeeding is harmful to the child in more was than one. When a mother breastfeeds it is very intimate to the mother and child, now the "mainstream" scientific community says that this creates a loving bond between the two, this is simply not true. The scientific findings are that when a mother breastfeeds she becomes sexual aroused, which creates vaginal spasms which can lead to orgasm.

This releases endorphins with creates a euphroia type state and is addictive. Combined with the sexual aspect of breastfeeding with it's addictive nature is most definatly harmful to the mother. In a recent news story it was reported that a woman was still breastfeeding her child even though the child was at the age of seven.

The mother can develop incestual desires for her child because of the sexual nature of breastfeeding, which will lead to the mother sexually abusing the child throughout its life.

Weaning begins on the average around six months to a year after the childs birth. The intimate nature of breastfeeding is harmful to the mother as pointed out earlier in this article but it is more so harmful to the child.

When the child is being breastfeed it of course sucks on the nipple of the breast, but also the child uses it's hand to touch the breast while it's face is buried in the mothers breast also. This sucking, pressing, and touching of the breast leads to negative effects in the psychological development of the child.

If the child is a boy it will develop an Oedipus Complex (the boy being sexually attracted to his mother.) which can lead to adult personality problems if not resolved in early childhood. Studies show that boys that have been breastfeed develop sexual perversions while they are growing up because of their sexually lust for their mother. It has been noted the boy will start off by staring at his mothers breasts longing to see, touch, and suck of them like he did when he was a baby.

Him not being able to view his mothers naked breast will cause frustration and perversion, the boy will be sexually aroused when his mother presses her breasts against him while giving him a hug or holding him. Measures need to be taken not to hug the child in a way so that the breasts do not come in contact with the boy.

Adolescence will be a very difficult time for the boy because he will start to have orgasms upon masturbating. Such acts will fuel his lusts for his mother even more, there have been documented cases of such boys that sexually assaulted their mothers because of it.

Upon adulthood the boy will have feelings of anger and guilt because of his sexual attraction to his mother. In one case a twenty two year old man was so sexually frustated at his feelings toward his mother that he bound her up while she slept and then raped her repeatedly and not stopping despite her pleas to stop. After a psychological examine it was shown that the man was harboring sexual perverisons toward his mother, which was traced back to him being breastfed until the age one and a half.

Another case involved a boy that had just reached adulthood, he hid in his mothers bedroom and upon her arriving home she went into her bedroom to change clothes, the boy then leaped out of the shadows when she had her back turned and choaked her to death then sexually abused her corpse. The police found numerous photos of his mother in his bedroom. The photos of his mother were her in bikinis and bras, the photos of her in bras were voyeuristic.

There was a man that was the at the age of seventeen at the time he killed and cut off his mothers breasts, the police found the boy sucking on the severed breasts.

Girls that are breastfed are harmed too, as noted before the mother develops sexual attraction to the child from breastfeeding which leads to child abuse towards boys as well as girls.

Girls that are breastfed also develop sexual perversions. Three-forths of women that were breastfed as babies has engaged in premature sex, hate their bodies, develop eating disorders, and engage in compulsive masturbation.

Over half of women surveyed that were breastfed developed severe psychological disorders such as body dysmorphia, severe depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder(s), etc, etc, etc.


Breastfeeding causes extreme psychological & sexual perversions in the mother and their child(ren.) It is best advised for women to bottle feed their baby to avoid the negative consequinces noted above in the child(ren.) If you (the mother) are breastfeeding it is advised to stop now and switch to the bottle to stop any futher psychological damage done to you and your child and seek therapy for yourself and the child when he/she is old enough.

I found this on another forum. If it makes any difference, the person who posted it was a fat dyke. The dumb bitch didn't even post a link.
Wow, that really is some serious bullshit. I like how they give all these stats (3/4 of breastfed people have [this] problem), but they say nothing about how that compares to the general population.

Probably about 2/3-3/4 of the population is breastfed at some point, so chances are good that if you take a random person with a sexual perversion, they will have been breastfed. It's not an if/then statement. It's coincidence.

And when you take into account all the PROVEN health risks of not breastfeeding, this article is just ridiculous.


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Apr 17, 2005
I call bullshit simply because there is no information on the web on Erik von Krammer besides this 'translated' document.
May 31, 2005
retarded article said:
Girls that are breastfed also develop sexual perversions. Three-forths of women that were breastfed as babies has engaged in premature sex, hate their bodies, develop eating disorders, and engage in compulsive masturbation.
I'm betting that's an accurate description for 3/4 of the female population, if not more. I'm leaning on the latter, I mean who the hell doesn't develop sexual perversions? He writes like it's a bad thing.


A large amount of guys having a sexual perversion is common because people in general are disfunctional in one way or another. So, this kind of crazy shit happens. Breastfeeding is a natural part of growth for young mammals. It's not some psychologically damaging routine.

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Mar 26, 2005
Yeah, why do people complain about breastfeeding. I find nothing wrong or disgusting about it.

That article is so lame as well.

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Jul 20, 2006
I don't know about women but when a baby sucks my tits I orgasm.
I second this motion and move to strike!

Hmmm... well.. haha, well I would like to hear from the mom's on this board?! Do you get aroused when breast feeding your kids? I figured once they got teeth, that it wouldn't be that arousing.

But yeah, as arousing as that article is, I find it to be bullshit!

edit: Plus, what the fuck does the article mean when it says "the boy will have orgasms upon masturbating"? Why else would you masturbate.... to tease yourself? Well I've done that, but duh, that is why he is whacking it, to rub one out. What a stupid article.
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What a load of bullshit, the said serial killers in the article just coincidentally happen to be breastfed, how the fuck can they compare this to the general population. I want JDH's opinion on this one, cos im not even a woman, let alone a mum.


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Aug 4, 2006
I was breastfed and i guess according to the article i should be wanting to suck on my mommas ta ta's.

His PhD should be revoked lol.

fucking idiot


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Aug 19, 2005
Lurking variables.

"I am against seat belts because in the vast majority of high speed crashes in which the driver was wearing a seat belt, he or she died."

The deaths are due to the high speed crash, not the seat belt

"I would prefer that soldiers wear cloth helmets as opposed to Kevlar helmets because there is a higher rate of head trauma for soldiers wearing Kevlar helmets who received head injuries than those who wore cloth helmets."

There is a higher rate of head trauma because soldiers wearing cloth helmets who got shot in the head simply died.

"I am against breast feeding because sexual predators were once breast fed."

You figure it out.


Jun 30, 2005
wow that is complete bullshit.

breastfeeding is better because the mother also gives the baby antibodies and such to enhance it's immunity. and letting the breasts drain makes them less sore and what not.