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Some Thing Interesting?

Discussion in 'Comments' started by .:Mudvayne:., Apr 29, 2004.

  1. .:Mudvayne:.

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    do u know any bots that u tell that what to say (program) to certain words that ppl type like hey ... it auto says sup

    something like botje only it makes problems with the signin thingy
  2. Kanism

    Kanism Guest

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    you might want to invest on a program that auto types coherent thoughts and sentences for yourself first.
  3. .:Mudvayne:.

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    im looking for an auto talker msn bot tho :cool:
  4. bensk8n

    bensk8n Guest

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    i think you have to pay a lot though for them... from what i last heard/saw...
  5. anjroo11688

    anjroo11688 !!!!!SELL SELL SELL!!!!

    May 18, 2003
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    Dont know if I helped at all..... Click it
  6. Tommy1234

    Tommy1234 Guest

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    That isnt really about msn bot but u guys should check out wwwwww.oliverbot.com
  7. Control172

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    You could just get Trillian, and get the plugins. I use it, but I don't use a bot. What the hell do you want one of those for? To pretend you have a life?

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