Story of a Highschool Dropout.



At school I was friends with geeks, popular people, goths, people who did drugs, and all comedians I came across. I talked about sex, cartoons, jokes..listened to stories about weed I've never smoked, watched kids get into fights, and got pushed around for the simple fact that I never said anything unless someone spoke to me..It's kind of funny to see someone get pissed when you say nothing as they give insults to you..Like their job isnt done.

I was a watcher..Everyday at school I would watch people: In class, at lunch, in the hallways, everywhere when I wasn't doing anything but my work or joking around. I had a good friend who watched others with me as we made fun of every little fucker in the school. But that friend soon left and went to jail for some reason.

It was pretty cool to know mostly everyone in the school..not their names..but how they acted and who they talked to, and what kind of person they were. If a person asked me a question about someone, I wouldn't know who they were talking about until there faces or dressing would be explained then I knew..heh.

The only reason I got into ANY verbal fight was because of the high act of racism in my town that I moved to a couple of years ago...It did not feel right being in school at all. I quit at 16, and walked out with a big smile on my face...I had no ounce of regret, other then the long ass conversations I would get into when someone asked me, "do you go to school?"

People go and people stay..I left. To this day I could care less about that school, and the faces of this town, as I will be moving soon away from this small community of ignorant people. I had no memories in that time, besides the talks with people I know from a distance. I'm glad I quit school...For some reason that feels so right.

And ever since I left, I have dreams about school, and the people I've seen. Dreams about how it COULD have been..or should have been. Dreams of a good life.

Maybe I wasn't the perfect kid, But at least a creative one. Music is my thing and I'll take that with me. Yes I take life as a joke and I laugh about something everyday..But you know what, I am having so much fun doing so. I didn't write this for anyone really, other then myself...Reply to it how you will.

I tell so much yet I am still NONE to everyone. A simple story for extraordinary minds. Long to short, thats how it is. Thanks.


Uncommon Soap said:
wow... u should've stayed in school. You know what they say, "Nelly says STAY IN SCHOOL FOOL" yea, you woulda done better in life if u had. How did u afford ur computer?
These statements are not 'uncommon'..And your question is one thats not meant to be answered. So other then being an ass, why did you post?


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Nov 6, 2003
Wow none, hope your desicion turns out for the better. You write well, as is evident with your post. Anyways, keep us on tab niglet.


Uncommon Soap said:
Im not an ass. Im just wondering. How did u buy ur computer, and how old are you?
The computer was bought with money, as is all computers unless you got some special thing going. And I am older then the age that I posted. I wont give you a run down on anything else so stop trying..just kidding ;) ...By the way thanks S10, I'll take the good luck you gave and remember it as I give thanks to everyone else...As much as this feels like a goodbye thread its not..I'm just getting things out that needed to be written.
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Highschool isn't for everyone, so I don't blame you. I considered dropping out, but I knew I'd be letting down my family and losing respect from friends. I grit my teeth and bore through highschool, as much as I hated it. Ever since I've been done with it life is so much better. Everything isn't restricted to being "cool".

To me, highschool is a big joke anyways, unless you take it very serious, it doesn't prepare you at all for college. Anyways, you seem smart NONE, as long as whatever you do makes you happy, so be it.
Whats ur job, Whats ur mate (girlfriend, married, dog..), Do u live in a house, Do you like vagina, Why did u friend go to jail, Where are my socks, When do you eat, What time do you get up, and Do you like metallica? - Please answer my questions then i will leave u alone.


stupid soap,

but directing to 'none' i know a lot of dropouts and they ended up screwing up there life and im suprised you can afford a computer and actually post stuff cause other wise you would have a horrible job at the local deli.
Dual said:
Didn't know you cared so much Soap
yes yes, none9999 is a very important person in my life and in my porno magazine.

kickassman said:
stupid soap,

but directing to 'none' i know a lot of dropouts and they ended up screwing up there life and im suprised you can afford a computer and actually post stuff cause other wise you would have a horrible job at the local deli.
im trying to make friends here asshoe! im allowed to ask some questions! (not hole, hoe.)