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Summer Nights...

Discussion in 'Cars' started by Red300ZX, Apr 29, 2004.

  1. Red300ZX

    Red300ZX Fastest Member

    Aug 21, 2003
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    Thank God that the cold weather is gone, atleast down here in Virginia anyway. No more washing snow and ice abrasives off the cars in sub-arctic temperatures.

    Back to washing the vehicles every Friday wether they need it or not and cruising around town with the windows down, T-Tops off and the radio playing.

    So what do you do around your town/city to pass the time in your car on Friday and Saturday nights?
  2. Madmartigan

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    pretty much the same thing except we don't have TT tops. We stop about 9pm and start drinking or hit up the clubs/bars
  3. 321 gizzo

    321 gizzo Guest

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    i usually just cruise when i need to go somewhere, but its so hot that i need the a/c, so windows rolled down doesnt work too well
  4. PimPmyRide

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    My friends and i all get our cars and go drive around with windows down and music cranked (All cars have same cd in) then we stop at this corner and open all the doors and listen to the music withour ground efx on and hoods up. its pretty dope
  5. Boostedpimp

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    Hang out with friends and talk smack or run our cars at the local stripe.. on saturdays go out and eat... meet up at pre scheduled spots and setup races for money then run at a later time that night.

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