The INTERNET is a horrible website scam

Jul 9, 2018
I would work the recycle container behind the super market where glass and plastics and re used reformed. I have a friend from the super market that owns the recycle container he said he hay three other small jobs.

Collecting and gathering oak tree trunks and branches for fire wood sculptures or decorative.
Moving small polished stones into backyard renovation order. ie stone masonry,,,
forming shrub mulch for flower beds & four ft tall trees. he get 160 5-6 day week nt that much effort.

He put his PayPal (credit) info on a create your own Forumboardpro website "That is not his forum" he does not own it and the moderator gives him this is after registery which In turn is FREE.
A person on the internet manages to steal it and it has a good profit.
mY Friend Troy Mahln says other people spammed his fake free forum just for fun

.I'm just saying he was upset by this


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Nov 2, 2010