The what every happened to ... thread

PaPa LaZaRoU

Get it into ya!...
Apr 9, 2005
refoops said:
What ever happend to pogs?]
Cunts are still around - can't open a pack of !&#*# chips these days without several dozen of the fuckers falling out....more pogs than @&#& chips some of 'em...

refoops said:
Or sonic?]
Cunt will be back. There's still money to be made for Sega out of the little, blue fucker - Count on it.


jmbarlow2001 said:
those little snack food things that are shaped like david the gnome's hat.... like a corn chip type dealy... what are they called?? and also, what happened to them

You can still get them if you find the right place.


Taco Bell's Chilie Cheese Burrito (Chilito?) Fuckers don't sell it anywhere anymore but the damb thing is on their web site. Go to nutrition guide tab at the top of the main page, then menu items. Its about halfway down the page....

...but nowhere to be found at any taco bell.

Anyone anywere know of a taco bell that still sells it? Let me know! :insane: