Tips on how to obtain a Wii

Sep 29, 2006
Can any of you give me some tips on how to get a nintendo wii for christmas?

I have checked ALMOST everywhere and I still couldn't find one.

So can you help me?


Pokemon Master
Sep 3, 2005
Eugene, Oregon
Weren't you the one talking about how when people grow up, they want animated sex and violence? :(

Uh, you should just call and ask when they're getting new shipments and show up early that day. It shouldn't be that difficult to get one now.

Dr. Zombie

Jul 20, 2006
Hmm, well I haven't actually got mine yet, but I used Hollywood Vidoe's GameCrazy. They have a thing where you, up front pay in full for a Wii game, then they throw your name on a wish list. When they get new shipments of the console, the wish list members get them first. I'm like number 13, so nothing yet, but they just haven't got a new shipment yet.

But, I'm always on the lookout other places too. I even looked at and found one dude selling his for $250, but not sure if I wanna go through the trouble meeting him in a neutral spot. Just keep calling all the retailers that sell them. I know all the local Wal-Marts just got another shipment here. They fucked me with their info. on when they would offically sell them that day, but I let all the angry mothers that showed up bitch out the retarded managers for me, haha... twas quite funny to watch.

Also, think of places that other non-game savy people might not look. Like Sears, Toys-R-Us, ect... A lot of people buying for others and kids will just keep checking Wal-Marts and Best Buys.

Good luck, I hope I get mine before Christmas, its a gift for someone.


Let the chaos begin
Feb 18, 2004
Connecticut, USA
I'm not going to have any problem getting a Wii when I go to get one - because I won't be getting one until the summer. Because of school, I'm only working three days a week which only brings in enough money to pay my car bill and insurance each month.

Besides, I'd be getting it just in time for Brawl.:D
Aug 25, 2004
I've been checking the local Game Stop's and they've been giving me the scoop on when shipments come in (seems to be every Wednesday in Dallas). Every time I've gone to pick one up, though, there's already a long enough line that I can't get one. Last I was told was they got a shipment in yesterday and that they're not supposed to sell them until next Monday. But, since I've been persistent, they've let me pay for one and can pick it up on Friday.

My advice: be persistent and get in good with the people that work there.