vid problem

ok sometimes when I click in some videos it doesn't appear and it appears in a little square to the top right corner a cirlcle, a triangle, and a square what can I do?


If you took a screenshot, stuck it on Paint or whatever, when you save it to your computer, click Save As > JPEG


I honestly am not sure. I think it is either your firewall settings, or you do not have the required plugins for the page. Can I suggest that video is watched in IE? The pic you showed me is a Firefox problem.

Sorry for the bad ideas. Two reasons: 1) I am not sure and 2) it is 2:27 in the morning and I am very tired. I hope those works out for you revo. Feel free to PM me if it doesn't, and I can look into it for you.
Aug 27, 2004
It's not that complicated. Jesus Christ, quit with all that screenshot bullshit (why couldn't you look at a fucking .png file?). You obviously don't have the right plug in. If its Windows Media player, download the plugin at If it's quicktime, If you have the plugin downloaded and it still does that, it could be a browser setting, but most likely the plugin will fix it.

IE means internet explorer. Use firefox instead. ------> Rocket Science.