What is the best DVD Writer out there?


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Mar 24, 2004
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I need to get a dvd writer soon, so I need expert advice on what is the best one to get. I want to get one that is in the price range of $80 - $150. My brother insists on an 8x dvd +/- writer from a shitty company (don't remember the name) for about 91 dollars. My friend recommends a Sony 8x dvd +/- writer that has won a bunch of awards, but it costs 150 bucks. Any recommendations and advice/tips or things to look out for are welcome.


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Nov 1, 2003
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Apparently, there is some kind of double-capacity writable DVD that is coming out. You might want to check into that if you can wait. I'm not sure what the price of it will be when it hits the shelves, but I would guess that you might have to give it a few months for the prices to come down considerably. Here's an article on it:



Ok, the way it goes with any cd drives, stick with brand names.
Now sure Lite-on is a brand name, but i can vouch that they have their issues.
Stick with any of the following: Sony [Best, IMO], Pioneer, Panasonic.
Thoes are the best.
Make sure you get the Multi-Format ones as well, i Have not seen ones that dont support them all, but, be sure it has support for DVD+/-R and DVD +/-RW. Because apparently they couldnt get their shit straight on a format to use so you have to use a multi-format writer.

Heres one for 91 bucks. Its OEM, meaning no box, but it has software in the event you need it, and usually they come with some sort of utility to burn DVD's. Its the exact one i have, and it Prefroms Flawlessly.


I went with the Plexwriter 8x DVD+-R/RW. Probably one of the best things I have ever bought for my PC. The drive is awesome, I have had it for almost 3 months and I haven't burned a single coaster yet!

If you are copying movies, download DVDShrink (google for it, its FREE!!!). I use that along with a full version of Nero, and my movies come out PERFECT!