What pets do u have?

I have a black, 85 pound boy standard poodle who got hit by a car when he was a puppy and has 3 legs. He is two years old. I also have a white bitch, who is a fucking mean bitch to my 3 legged dog. She is also a standard poodle around 70 pounds. Both my dogs (poodles) are extremely big for their breed. :cool:


i have two gerbils at the time. i had a kitty before but he died from feline leukemia :(
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I have none in my apartment (well, I have fish), but I grew up with dogs, cats, horses, a pony, birds, and fish. We had 15 cats and 5 dogs at one point...nothing quite like living in a house that has that many cats running around inside the house. Even so, I am a huge animal lover, and have an especially strong affinity for cats, with dogs as a very close second. My mom still has 14 cats and 2 dogs today...

Too many cats to pick a favorite, although the few that come to mind were named Soldier (tabby), Bow (tabby), Morris (tabby), Bones (grey striped mix), Sebastian (Orange mix), and Sugar Beat (Orange mix). Some of my favorite dogs were a golden retriever named Cosmo, and two German shepards, Bear and Tut. Animals have added so much to my life...


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Mar 24, 2003
Bronx, NY
Three bunnies, dwarf rabbits if you want to get technical, and two hamsters. I inherited the hamsters after my niece got a dog and kind of forgot about them.

Right now Motorhead, my favorite bunny, is hanging out next to me eating from my unfinished bowl of Count Chocula.


I have: 1 dog, 5 cats, a snake from friend, a guinea pig from another friend, used to have 3 fish, a Bearded Dragon (lizard) from the desert, and about 4 annoying finches. :p


ok i have

2 dogs
1 budgie(bird)(soon to get an african grey i think)
oh i almost forgot i also have 2 brothers

offtopic: citronic nice avy :D


I Have a cat called max hes 11 years old in our years and likes to sleep in my bed with him

i also have a teddy bear called bogie which my bf brought me

he has a cuddely dog called melvin which i brought him

and my bf is a rabbit :) adam the rabbit


I have fish. I am cycling my new tank, so they are just goldfish for now. But in a few weeks I am going to put in African Cichlids. They are badass fish. Cichlids are agressive fish. They will eat the remaining goldfish.


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Apr 12, 2004
I had two rats, and for all you people who get freaked out by rats, yes I had RATS in my HOUSE, as PETS! But they both died recently :( :( :( :( :(

I also have a Golden labrador called Goldie.


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Feb 20, 2004
Billy, a lutino cockatiel (just a fancy way of saying he's one of those white/yellow ones), and my roommate has 2 dogs. Coco, a chocolate lab who enjoys laying on the bathroom floor when I'm trying to get ready :@ and Chopper a little shit chihuahua who scatters my sock all over the damned house when I'm not there. Stupid dogs.

I can't wait til I have my own place so I can get some kitties.


DukeofNoodlenes said:
well i only got my boyfriend...but i guess he dont count as a pet huh? ;) :D
When you say it, it's sexy. When I say it, it's scary, and banned in several states.


I have a dog named "Dr. Dre". I keep him in my basement.

No, I have 3 cats. A male himalayan ("Everest" *guess why!* long white-grey fur), a female persian ("Camille" long brown-orange fur), and a female himalayan (We call her "Nona", short for "Nona me cat" - think about it) who is one of the kittens of the first two.
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offtopic: citronic nice avy :D
I'd say so. :) But quick: Is Citronic male or female? :confused:
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