Yankees will Top the Red Sox

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Mar 12, 2005
From thesmokinggun.com

SEPTEMBER 27--First, a conflict-of-interest disclosure: We greatly prefer the Mets to the hated Yankees. Now on to the business at hand: With the Bronx Bombers and the Boston Red Sox battling for the American League East championship, Major League Baseball officials have again somehow divined that Steinbrenner's crew will triumph over Red Sox nation. Tucked away on the official MLB site is a page offering a $19.95 t-shirt trumpeting the Yankees's 2005 AL East triumph, the club's eighth straight division crown. Click here for a close-up shot of the t-shirt. The regular season, of course, doesn't end until Sunday, when the Yankees complete a (likely decisive) three-game series at Fenway. We're not sure if MLB has also prepared a shirt celebrating the Bosox' AL East championship, but TSG hasn't found one.