Zephyr's Brother

PLEASE! Everyone hope and pray that Zephyrs' brother recovers. This is SO important. Please do everything you can do to help in any way. I received this from my friend, Zephyr:

"my brother is in the hospital, they think he had a heart attack. please i am on my knees praying. if you pray for my brother, his name is Adam, God bless you. Please, for a good soul, pray for him. he might have brain damage, and he is so smart. Thank you, Zephyr"
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brainkandy87 said:
Then why in the name of all that is holy did you speak?
Because I can. You don't run shit around here dude. Take a step down from your pedestal and realize that you're just another member. Sure, a lot of people like you but that doesn't mean shit.
Apr 1, 2004
hey, please dont fight. Im not in the mood to come to a thread about my brother in serious condition and see fighting occur. Just please stop...

EDIT: And Star, God bless you. You are the best.
Hey Zeph, You're the best. I was worried about you and your brother. I hope everything turns out okay. You keep your chin up, my friend. I am thinking about you!!!

Don't listen to the idiots that post such crap. You have people who really care about you! :D

I'm here if you need me, my friend!