ZX12R VS Hayabusa

Feb 18, 2004
United Kingdom
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After some dissagrement on what was the fastest bike in the world, i went on a hunt. And i manged to find a vid of the Hayabusa and the ZX12R going head to head. What more could we want. :D

Its 51meg ( Modem users...erm i think its gonna be a no no for you. )

They also mention that Kawasaki and Suzuki both have said that they will never be building bikes this fast agian. Also mentions capping top speed on new bikes to 185mph and limiting both these bike to 197mph.

I must agree though, 220mph on 2 wheels is stupid.
Id love to see the 499bhp busa on the track with these two stock bikes :D

Here it is..

Kawasaki Ninja ZX12R (vs) Suzuki GSXR1300R Hayabusa

Amazing vid.
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